The prosecution dismisses the indictment against Lee Jin Ho, who was sued by Koo Hye Sun for leaking documents and defamation

The prosecution confirmed that Youtuber Lee Jin Ho, who was sued by actress Koo Hye Sun for defamation, was not guilty.

On November 21st, the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office concluded that Youtuber Lee Jin Ho, who was sued by Koo Hye Sun for violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, was not guilty.

Goo Hye Sun

Koo Hye Sun sued Lee Jin Ho, who claimed that an unconfirmed statement containing negative content about Ahn Jae Hyun was not credible, and that it couldn’t be concluded that the statement has anything related to Koo Hye Sun but the leaking process and its intention are doubtful.

When the police decided to not transfer this issue to the prosecution in June, Koo Hye Sun did not agree with the police investigation results so she filed an objection with the prosecution in July. After three months of investigation, the prosecution concluded that there was nothing to suspect.

Ahn Jae-hyun

Revealing the reason, the prosecution said, “Even after examining the entire content of the broadcast, there is not enough evidence to prove defamation intention”, adding “It is true that the video was uploaded without confirming specific facts with the plaintiff, but the Youtuber did confirm whether the statement was written to actress A and there is no evidence to prove the suspect’s remarks are false.”

In a video uploaded on his Youtube channel on May 3rd last year, Lee Jin Ho claimed, “The statement said to have been written by actress A doesn’t follow the legal document form, and A also claims that she has never written any statement. The controversial statement was deleted within 1-2 hours after an anonymous informant posted it online on the day Ahn Jae Hyun returned on ‘New Journey to the West’ after a year and three months.”

Lee Jin-ho

Suing Lee Jin Ho for defamation, Koo Hye Sun said, “A wrote my statement with my consent and sent it to the lawyer”, adding “Later, the statement was released by an unknown source and caused controversies. I feel so sorry for my friend”.

Regarding the result of the prosecution’s investigation, Lee’s legal representative explained, “The plaintiff’s claim was somewhat ambiguous as it did not mention which part was misleading”, adding “While preparing for the reports at the time, he (Lee Jin Ho) tried to confirm the facts from various sides, and he raised doubts within the range of common sense that he could have as a reporter.”

Source: Daum

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