The new update from the LOONA member who defended Chuu during her withdrawal controversy draws attention

The recent SNS activity of Hyunjin, who did not participate in LOONA’s recent lawsuit for contract termination, is notable.

Earlier, candy brand L for which Chuu is modeling held an event on January 2nd for fans to guess their new model. 


LOONA Hyunjin participated in the event by herself by commenting “The answer is Chuu unnie”. Hyunjin actually won the event when the result was revealed on January 11th.


Hyunjin commented again, “Wow, amazing, thank you so much”. Chuu then replied to Hyunjin, saying “So you texted me a lot because you really wanted to win it”, showing off their friendship.

Seeing the two’s interaction, netizens commented, “I guess they’re still close to each other although they can no longer do group activities together”, “She also wrote about Chuu’s withdrawal last time. I support her”, “Both are so cute”, etc.

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Meanwhile, LOONA’s agency Blockberry Creative announced in November last year that they expelled Chuu from the group because of her abuse of power attitude toward staff. In response to the sudden announcement, Chuu emphasized, “I have never done anything to embarrass my fans”.

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Hyunjin later went on the fan platform Fab and sent messages, saying “My head hurts. My heart also hurt. I’m angry and really mad right now”, expressing her feelings.

When a fan commented, “Hyunjin, can you still send Fab messages? In case you don’t know it, be careful with what you’re saying. It’s heartbreaking to us, too. I’m not scolding you, unnie”, Hyunjin replied, “Why are you scolding me? Did I do something wrong? Chuu unnie is probably the person who feels more heartbreaking than anyone. Please show lots of support and love for Chuu”.


After Chuu’s forced withdrawal, 9 LOONA members, excluding Vivi and Hyunjin, filed an injunction for contract termination on November 28th last year, claiming that their mutual trust with the agency had been broken.

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According to a report by Sedaily on January 13th, the Seoul Northern District Court’s Civil Affairs Division 1 ruled that 4 members (Heejin, Kim Lip, Jin Soul, and Choerry) won the lawsuit, while the other 5 members (Haseul, Yeojin, Yves, Go Won and Olivia Hye) lost. 

Source: wikitree

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