The most unexpected twist of “Snowdrop” until now turned out to be the identity of Yoo In-na’s character

The biggest twist in “Snowdrop” was eventually not about Jisoo or Jung Hae-in.

After several weeks of guessing and making theories about the identities of “Snowdrop” characters, a twist about one character’s background was finally unveiled in episode 7. In this episode, the pretty doctor Kang Chung-ya (Yoo In Na) was revealed to be a high-ranking agent of North Korea. She holds a really important role, which is planning and guaranteeing safety for North Korean soldiers.

Yoo In-na Snowdrop
The identity of Yoo In-na’s character is the biggest twist since the beginning of “Snowdrop” until now.

The viewers even raised suspicions that Chung-ya and Su-ho (Jung Hae-in) might be ex-lovers since they had similar backgrounds. Actually, Yoo In-na’s character only appeared in a few scenes, playing the lover of Secretary-General Nam Tae-il (Park Sung-woong).

Yoo In-na Snowdrop
Doctor Kang’s identity has just been unveiled. It is not yet known whether she has any relations to Su-ho
Yoo In-na Snowdrop
Viewers suspect the appearance of Chung-ya to be Suho’s ex…
Yoo In-na Snowdrop
Yoo In-na Snowdrop
… as Youngro and Suho’s backgrounds are opponents and their relationship is getting more and more serious.

Audiences’ comments:

  • Doctor Kang might be Su-ho’s ex-lover, does anyone think the same?
  • The way she looked at Su-ho is so suspicious
  • I knew there is something about Yoo In-na’s identity. Her acting is so great
  • There is no hope for Young-ro and Su-ho now, should I ship Suho with doctor Kang?

“Snowdrop” airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC.


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