The most satisfying revenge scenes of 2021 K-dramas: Vincenzo still can’t compare with Penthouse

These K-drama revenge scenes give us the chills! 

Revenge is no longer an uncommon trope of K-dramas. In 2021 alone, many revenge-themed dramas were released, such as Mine, The Devil Judge, My Name… And the most intense and shocking revenge scenes on the Korean small screen last year belong to the following dramas.

1. Vincenzo

In Vincenzo episode 16, Choi Myung Hee ordered a criminal who was just released from prison to kill Oh Gyeong Ja. Because he was a step late, Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki) could not save his mother. Vincenzo was dumbfounded when he saw his mother’s body. He could not believe his eyes.

The most satisfying revenge scenes of 2021 K-dramas

Vincenzo tried to stay calm to check the hospital’s CCTV. Knowing who did this, he immediately tracked that person down. His mafia nature intensified. With angry eyes, cold actions, Vincenzo turned into a demon to hunt down the person who killed his mother.

Without mercy, Vincenzo shot the person who strangled the innocent woman right in front of Babel and Wussung.  Their panic and fear are evident in their facial expressions. 

The most satisfying revenge scenes of 2021 K-dramas

Vincenzo’s badass mafia scenes through Song Joong Ki’s acting made the audience extremely excited. Not by crying or screaming but by the ecstatic eye acting, Song Joong Ki successfully portrayed Vincenzo’s extreme pain and anger. After the episode aired, Korean social networks exploded with praise for Song Joong Ki’s Baeksang-worthy acting.

2. Mine

In the last episode of “Mine”, the real culprit who killed Han Ji Yong (Lee Hyun Wook), the youngest son of Hyowon Group was officially revealed, along with the strong rising ascendancy of the women inside the house. On the forums, fans also gave a lot of praise for the perfect and logical ending of the drama. The drama continues with the return of Cinderella Kim Yu Yeon (Jung Yi Seo) as the new bride of the Hyowon clan. The fact that Yu Yeon is welcomed by the family members shows that a new era has opened for the clan. No more of the patriarchal and old-fashioned customs, the Hyowon clan is now ready to become a family with more modern and tolerant perspectives, so that everyone can live happily together.

The most satisfying revenge scenes of 2021 K-dramas
The most satisfying revenge scenes of 2021 K-dramas

3. Penthouse 2

In the last episodes of season 2, the audience of Penthouse witnessed the team-up of Shim Su Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah), Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene), Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) to overthrow Ju Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon). Cheon Seo Jin got Ju Dan Tae drunk in order to let Oh Yoon Hee fabricate evidence and Shim Su Ryeon took the opportunity to pretend to be kidnapped and revealed herself after a long time of playing the role of Na Ae Gyo.

The most satisfying revenge scenes of 2021 K-dramas

Since then, crimes such as murder, violence, corruption, … of Ju Dan Tae were exposed and he was sentenced to life in prison. Not to mention, Oh Yoon Hee, after taking revenge, also confessed that she had killed Min Seol Ah (Jo Soo Min), which dragged the whole Hera group to prison for the crime of disposing of Min Seol Ah’s body.

The most satisfying revenge scenes of 2021 K-dramas

The episode ended up stirring up all social media platforms. Many viewers said that this is the episode they have been waiting for a long time. The rating of the last episode ended with an extremely high number of 25.8%, showing the attraction of this masterpiece to domestic and foreign audiences.


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