The Mom of Song Il-kook’s Triplets, Who Stirred the Nation 10 Years Ago, Is This Person

The recent update on actor Song Il-kook's triplets has attracted attention to their mother vvv

On the 29th, several photos of Song Il-kook’s triplets were posted on the official SNS of tvN’s variety show “You Quiz on the Block” (hereinafter referred to as “You Quiz”). In the released photos, the triplets were seen standing shoulder to shoulder with their father, Song Il-kook, who is 185 cm tall, which surprised many.

The “You Quiz” team commented, “People say other people’s kids grow up fast, and it’s true. The triplets have grown from babies to young men in no time. Despite being triplets, they each have distinct characters and continue to captivate the hearts of their aunts and uncles with their charm,” hinting at the upcoming broadcast.


In 2014, the triplets’ daily life was revealed on KBS2’s “The Return of Superman,” which received much love. Additionally, the glimpses of Song Il-kook’s apartment during the broadcast, which harmonized with the pleasant scenery of the Songdo area and featured elegant interior decor, caught viewers’ eyes.

Song Il-kook’s children are not female twins but all boys. This has also increased interest in Song Il-kook’s wife. Last March, Song Il-kook appeared on SBS’s “Shoes Off, Single for Men” (hereinafter referred to as “Single for Men”) and mentioned his dating and married life with his wife.

Regarding their first meeting, he reminisced, “It was Liberation Day. We met through an entertainment reporter’s introduction. It was when the drama ‘Jumong’ had nearly 50% viewership ratings.”

Song Il-gook

He continued, “At that time, my wife was extremely busy and had declined several blind dates. So, she met me out of a sense of duty. It happened to be a day when I had no filming. Fate seemed to intervene as the script for the next day was delayed. When we met, we liked each other so much that we spent from lunchtime until midnight together.”

Song Il-kook’s wife, Jung Seung-yeon, is known to be a judge. She married Song Il-kook in 2008, and they have triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse. However, there was news of their separation when she was transferred to the Suncheon branch of the Gwangju District Court.

She is 47 years old and graduated from Seoul National University’s Law Department and its Graduate School of Law. In 2019, she was jointly responsible for the initial trial verdict related to the ‘Burning Sun Gate incident.’ Song Il-kook’s family background includes being the grandson of General Kim Jwa-jin’s son, Kim Du-han, with his mother being Kim Eul-dong, and his brother being Song Song.

Meanwhile, the broadcast date for the episode of “You Quiz” featuring Song Il-kook’s triplets is scheduled for July 3.

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