The male idol was accused of having a bad personality by his classmates but was suddenly defended by netizens

Netizens left a lot of praise for this Kpop male idol’s action.

Even in the early days of the new year (February 16), a post related to a Kpop rookie male became a hot topic on Korean social networks.  This male idol’s classmate has posted a chat, claiming that he is too arrogant, does not get along with his friends, and even related to Konkuk University.  However, in the end, netizens defended this male idol and criticized the person who posted the accusation.

The rookie male idol here is  Woonggi (TOO).  His friend posted a message from the college student chat group.  When his friends wanted to gather with more than 20 people, Woonggi replied: “Hello, this is Cha Woonggi, an acting major. This is the entire ’21 class’s group chat room, and I think you’re crossing the line with your words. And I don’t think having a 20-person drinking party in Konkuk University is something to brag about.” The male idol’s text message was sent when all Korean residents were taking a social distancing because of the COVID-19 when the government banned gathering of more than 5 people.

The male idol was accused of having a bad personality
The male idol was accused of having a bad personality

Miffed participants had responded, “Just let it go”, “So what are you trying to say?”, and “Isn’t he just telling us to stay locked up at home?”. One even made fun of his name ‘Woonggi’ and instead wrote, “Onggi, do you want to come, too? Should we all meet up together and have fun?” The ‘together’ phrase used was ‘ongi-jongi’. However, Woonggi wasn’t taken aback and merely responded, “I said all I wanted to say. I don’t think we’re being told not to have meetings over 5 people for no reason, so it feels off that you’re telling everyone to drink and party.”

This person thinks that Woonggi is too arrogant, doesn’t get along with his friends, and thinks that the purpose of these messages is only to make fun of the male idol to see how he reacts.  However, some classmates reported against the owner of the post.  They said there were a lot of messages against the gathering of over 20 people, but they were cut off, only keeping Woonggi’s messages to defame the male idol.

The male idol was accused of having a bad personality3

This second classmate’s screenshots show that Woonggi had asked the OP to be careful with their words after they called someone a ‘crazy bitch’. Many friends defended Woonggi, claiming that this post was meant to defame him.

After knowing the whole story, instead of criticizing Woonggi, netizens spoke up for him and, even criticized the post owner.  Netizens praised the male idol for obeying the law, seriously preventing the epidemic, and never shaking his stance under the pressure of his classmates.

The male idol was accused of having a bad personality
The male idol was accused of having a bad personality

Woonggi was born in 2002, participated in the survival show World Klass and reached 3rd place, winning a debut with TOO.  This rookie boy group just debuted in April 2020 and attended the show Road To Kingdom.  Before turning into an idol, Woonggi was a child actor.

Sources: afamily

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