The luckiest wife in the Korean entertainment industry: sexy icon but lacking acting skills?

Despite not seeing much luck in the career department, this actress nailed an ideal and powerful husband.

Famous for plastic surgery, later become a sexy icon 

Min Hyo Rin joined Korean showbiz as a model, before branching to singing and acting. Despite receiving a lot of praise for her spotless appearance now, the actress actually started out looking not as outstanding, and admitted to getting plastic surgery. According to Min Hyo Rin, she had eye surgery and veneers put on her teeth. However, she denied ever having fixed her nose, and affirmed that her slim and high nose is 100% natural. 

With her spectacular visuals post-surgery and an overwhelming alluring body, Min Hyo Rin soon became a sexy icon of Korea. Her measurements are said to be insane, and her gorgeous long and slim legs became  a hot topic whenever the actress made an appearance. 

An unremarkable acting career

Contrary to her stunning visuals and physique, Min Hyo Rin’s acting career can be said to be unremarkable. The actress also stars in very few projects, with only 10 films and dramas, as well as a web series since her debut role back in 2009. It’s not too dull, but Min Hyo Rin’s acting is not too outstanding. Her most memorable work so far is probably “Sunny”.

A happy wife and her powerful husband

min hyo rin taeyang

In addition to her career and beauty, Min Hyo Rin is also often mentioned by her happy marriage with her husband, the powerful male idol Taeyang of BIGBANG. The two got married in early 2018, after a long journey together. The dreamlike marriage used to be the center of the media and netizens’ attention for a long time. In December 2021, the two welcomed their first child in the blessing of the audience. Besides their fairytale-life love story, the couple Taeyang – Hyo Rin is also noticed for their huge fortune. It is known that the two are currently living in a 245-square-meter expensive penthouse of 11 billion won (about $8.4M).

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