The lonely pass away of the late actress Lee Mi-ji, still hard to believe after 4 years

The spotlight is futile. Actor Lee Mi-ji ended her life in solidarity on this day 4 years ago. 

On November 28th, 2017, late actor Lee Mi-ji was found dead in an officetel in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, where she lived alone. Her younger brother found her while visiting the deceased’s house. It was reported that at the time of her body’s discovery, two weeks had passed since her death, adding to the shock.

The autopsy findings were a kidney failure shock death. At the time, an official at the Suseo Police Station in Seoul said through OSEN, “There were no charges of murder or crime,” adding, “There was nothing special from the CCTV.” Lee Mi-ji was 58 years old.

The lonely pass away of the late actress Lee Mi-ji

The late Lee Mi-ji debuted in 1981 and has had a long list of various acts across screens and home screens. She left behind nearly 40 works, among which the most famous are MBC’s “Moon of Seoul,” “Country Diary,” KBS’ “There is a bluebird,” and “Where does a woman stay?”

In addition, Lee Mi-ji had been active by appearing in “Taejo Wanggeon”, “Six Siblings”, “Man of the sun, Lee Je-ma”, “Golden Apple”, “The Great Merchant”, “It’s Okay Because I Am A Mom”, etc. However, she didn’t have any special activities from 2015 to 2017, so MBN’s drama “It’s Okay Because I Am A Mom”, which was aired in September 2015, became her last work before passing away.

The lonely pass away of the late actress Lee Mi-ji

Lee Mi-ji’s face was familiar to the viewers, but her name was not widely known. Nevertheless, Lee Mi-ji had proved her important presence to the public throughout the whole 35 years of her career. The fact that she was only found 2 weeks after her death shocked the public even more.

However, 4 years have passed, and many people still remember the late Lee Mi-ji. She might have been so lonely on the last days of her life but fans will shed tears in remembrance of the actress on her anniversary every year.

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