The Jeju cafe run by actress Park Han-byul is receiving mixed reviews from visitors for its W.C, “There are likes and dislikes for it but…”

The W.C of the cafe in Jeju Island run by actress Park Han-byul has become an “issue maker”.

On June 8th, Park Han-byul’s coffee shop posted several photos on its official Instagram account along with the caption, “‘Issue maker’ restroom. There are either likes and dislikes for this restroom but it looks pretty to us.

jeju cafe

The photos show the beautiful view of the cafe run by Park Han-byul in Jeju. The restroom with an iron door at the cafe was also unveiled. 

In this regard, Park Han-byul also explained, “The interior designer told me to not do anything with this place and created it as he wanted”. The admin who manages the cafe’s SNS account also tagged the architect who designed the cafe and asked “Are you satisfied with it?” in a cute way.

jeju cafe

It is true to call the restroom an “issue maker” as visitors who came to Park Han-byul’s cafe continued to complain. As a netizen commented “The restroom is the worst”, the admin replied, “Haha… I will deliver your words to the interior designer”. However, many other visitors gave opposite opinions, saying “While this restroom is receiving mixed responses… I think the road to the bathroom is pretty”, “I was satisfied with the restroom”, etc. 

Meanwhile, Park Han-byul is currently pregnant with her second child.

Park Han Byul

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