The identity of “Crown Prince of Housewives” Actor K finally revealed after “abortion” controversy

A disclosure post about actor K, called the “Crown Prince of Housewives,” is drawing attention.

On November 23rd, an post was made on an online community, saying, “I was abandoned after getting pregnant by K, who is called the ‘Crown Pronce of Housewives,’ and I had a miscarriage.”

Ko Se-won scandals

The OP, A, said, “I am an ordinary woman who had a relationship with K last year,” adding, ” Because he had my nude photo, I sent him a text asking him to prove that he deleted it. However, he threatened, ‘I will sue you for threatening me. Just wait,’ and then blocked me.”

Since then, as the controversy continued over the authenticity of the post, A once again made another post today (November 26th), with the title “Actor K is Ko Se-won. I attached our KakaoTalk messages.”

The identity of “Crown Prince of Housewives” Actor K
Actor Ko Se-won, who is said by A to be actor K that have abandoned her

“If I disclose his real name, kakaotalk, or text, it will lead to aggravated punishment under defamation, but I will only reveal his real name and no longer delete the text,” A explained, as she deleted her second post once after revealing actor K’s name.


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