The honest confession of ITZY Yuna once surprised IU, “I’m relaxed because…”

The story of when IU was embarrassed by ITZY Yu-na’s comment “I’m relaxed because I’m tall” is drawing attention again.

IU had a conversation with ITZY members through video content “IU’s Palette” on her official Youtube channel “이지금 [IU Official]” in December 2020.

IU Itzy

While introducing ITZY, IU said, “It looks like Yu-na is the most relaxed member”. Yu-na then seriously replied, “Because I’m tall. Because of my tall height, I feel secure when I face the world”.

IU Itzy

Upon hearing this, IU commented, “That’s why I’ve been feeling insecure”. 

IU Itzy

Ye-ji revealed, “She walked like a fashion model even when she was on the way from a Bungeo-ppang vendor”, making everyone laugh so hard.

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