SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s action towards Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon creates a buzz

The action that SEVENTEEN Mingyu showed towards his senior Taeyeon is gaining a lot of attention.

On the 29th of last month, Seventeen’s members S.Coups, Mingyu, Vernon, Seungkwan, D8, Dino, and Dokyeom appeared as guests on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday.”

On that day, the Doremi members and Seventeen team took turns participating in mini-games.

Mingyu participated as a representative of the Seventeen team, while Taeyeon represented the Doremi team.


As soon as they stood in front of the camera, many viewers couldn’t help but admire them. The height difference between Mingyu and Taeyeon caused excitement among the viewers as he is known to be 187cm tall while Taeyeon is known to be 160cm tall. They have a difference of 27cm in height.

Taeyeon, who is known for her slim figure, radiated a fairy-like charm next to the tall Mingyu. Wearing a pink dress and with her hair tied up, Taeyeon showed off her beauty and attracted many people’s attention.


Afterward, Mingyu and Taeyeon played a game called “Bear Foot Push” in which they had to push each other with their feet while keeping them on the ground. Mingyu couldn’t bring himself to push Taeyeon, who is much smaller than him, and expressed concern that she might fall over if he pushed her too hard. In the end, he voluntarily lost the game.

This scene spread across various online communities and SNS, gaining a lot of attention. Netizens showed enthusiastic responses, saying, “Taeyeon’s expression makes my heart flutter,” “It’s so cute that he lost even though he couldn’t do anything,” “Mingyu’s heart-fluttering for hesitating and then asking for a push,” “Mingyu’s manner and Kim Taeyeon’s cuteness were insane,” and “Even their height difference is heart-fluttering.”

Source: Insight

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