The heartwarming reason why rapper Big Naughty scribbled on the Gucci shoes he gave to his mother

Here’s why Big Naughty drew on the expensive Gucci shoes he bought for his mother. 

Mnet’s buzzworthy hip-hop survival show “Show Me the Money” is called “the gateway to becoming a star” because it is a perfect program for rappers to gain recognition. 

be'o show me the money

A number of rappers such as BewhY, Loco, and BE’O peaked in popularity after participating in “Show Me The Money”.

Rapper Big Naughty, born in 2003, also rose to stardom in 2019 by competing on “Show Me the Money 8”. He even received more attention because he graduated from a foreign language high school and ranked 5th in the entire school.

big naughty show me the money

Big Naughty made a fortune by releasing several hit songs such as “Beyond Love” and “Just 10 centimeters”. He has also proved himself to be a filial son to his mother who always believed in and supported him.

In the December 6th broadcast of MBC’s “DNA Mate”, the daily life of Big Naughty and his mother, who was born in 1978, and their friend-like relationship was revealed. 

big naughty

Big Naughty gifted his mother a necklace with a trendy style. He secretly prepared this surprise gift. Big Naughty put the necklace on his mother’s neck, and his mother was very touched. 

big naughty

This is not the first time Big Naughty’s love for his mother was shown. “He gives me a lot of presents for his age,” his mother revealed.

big naughty

Big Naughty once gave his mother an envelope full of cash, and a pair of Gucci sneakers worth over 1 million won as gifts. 

big naughty

Big Naughty’s mother revealed, “When he buys me sneakers, he would doodle on them and give them to me. So I can’t get a refund.” Big Naughty even showed his sweet side by writing “I love you mom” on the bottom of the shoes.

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