“The Glory” Shin Ye Eun releases first overseas photoshoot 

Actress Shin Ye Eun, who impresses with her excellent performance in “The Glory”,  unveils her first overseas photoshoot. 

Shin Ye Eun, who captivated viewers worldwide by playing the younger version of the main villain in “The Glory”, revealed her refreshing face in the April issue of Allure Korea. In particular, the actress exuded her unique lovable charm and bright energy in the photoshoot held at a resort in Hua Hin, a Thai vacation spot.

Shin Ye Eun, who met Allure for her first overseas photoshoot, said, “I was filming until right before leaving Korea, and although I’m here for work, the atmosphere here makes me feel like I’m on vacation. I’m so excited for my first overseas photoshoot.”


Shin Ye Eun, who successfully filmed “The Glory” is preparing for the broadcast of her first historical drama, SBS’s “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”.

When asked why she chose a historical drama for her next work, Shin Ye Eun explained, “I thought historical dramas should be done when one has gained as much experience and depth as possible, so in the past, I felt it was a bit early for me to attempt. However, looking back, now was the right time, and I gained so much from it. I was attracted to the light rom-com feel at the beginning of the drama, but as the story progressed, it became more and more spectacular, and I found the drama very interesting as soon as I received the script.”

Regarding her character Yoon Dan Oh, the “guest master” of the “Joseon version guest house”, Shin Ye Eun shared, “Among the characters I’ve played so far, this character is the most similar to my real self. Therefore, I apply a lot of my real life elements, especially the reactions, to this role. There are parts where I acted as if I wasn’t acting. Actually, I’m attracted to the boldness of this child named Dan Oh. I hope I can bring out that charm well.”


Shin Ye Eun, who enjoys taking photos as a hobby, spent her break taking pictures of her accompanying manager and staff members with her camera at the shooting location.

She expressed her affection for the staff, saying, “The staff members who came with me always dress me up nicely and take pictures of me, so this time I wanted to give them photoshoots too. Instead of taking pictures of the beautiful scenery with a camera, I’m trying to fully experience it.”

Source: wikitree

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