“The Glory” Park Yeon Jin’s clothes are so hard to get… Lim Ji Yeon becomes the new “sold out star”

Actress Lim Ji Yeon impressed viewers with her villain look in Netflix’s “The Glory” and emerged as a “sold out star”.

Lim Ji Yeon is enjoying her heyday after starring in Netflix’s original series “The Glory” as the villain Park Yeon Jin. In particular, Park Yeon Jin’s outfits in the drama were being sold out one after another.

The robe and slip dress Lim Ji Yeon wore while drinking wine at home was the first item to be out of stock. Only the ivory color of that product was marked “sold out” on the brand’s official website.

Lim Ji-yeon the glory

In addition, Lim Ji Yeon’s bold red dress in the scene where she shows her evil instinct as a golden spoon while talking to her daughter also drew keen attention from viewers. This red-colored dress was sold out in early January. Due to the high demand, the brand recently launched a restock.

Thanks to Lim Ji Yeon, who frequently wears neat and feminine two-piece dresses, these kinds of dresses have become trendy fashion items. The yellow dress Park Yeon Jin wore when revealing her past to her husband Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il) and the white one she wore at the broadcasting station were also sold out completely. The white two-piece she wore when meeting Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) for the first time at school is also unavailable in stores. 

The Glory Lim Ji Yeon

Lim Ji Yeon’s attractive evil image is the main factor that stimulates viewers’ desire to buy the products. Fake items are also being sold on online markets under the keywords “The Glory Lim Ji Yeon’s clothes”, “The Glory Park Yeon Jin’s clothes”, etc.

In particular, the outfits worn by the villain actress Lim Jin Yeon attract even more attention than those worn by the female lead Song Hye Kyo. In the drama, Park Yeon Jin is a wealthy weathercaster and influencer, so her choice of costumes is opposite to the school violence victim Moon Dong Eun, who always appears in simple and black-and-white clothes. 

lim ji yoen the glory thumbnail

However, the clothes of Park Yeon Jin are not expensive at all. In fact, the red dress is sold for around 130,000 won, and the yellow one costs around 300,000 won. In other words, the character Park Yeon Jin shows how to style low-priced clothes in the most luxurious way.

An official in the fashion industry said, “Although Park Yeon Jin is a villain, many viewers have started to imitate her style. Along with the growing popularity of the drama, the charm of Lim Ji Yeon, who perfectly portrayed Park Yeon Jin, helped her achieve that.”

Source: Nate

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