“The Glory” conversation scene that showed the reality of the “MZ generation”, who only talk about themselves when they get together

You may have thought about this at least once when you meet your friends in person or talk to them through messenger.

The recent conversational method that adults (?) cannot understand was shown properly in Netflix’s drama “The Glory“.

In “The Glory”, Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon), Lee Sa Ra (Kim Hieora) and Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) had a conversation.

The Glory

Each of the three talked about their own stories, and no one listened to what other people said.

Yeon Jin asked Jae Joon and Sa Ra, “Do you remember our high school days? In detail.

Jae Joon suddenly asked about the current situation of Ye Sol, Yeon Jin’s daughter, “How is Ye Sol? If you’re here, who is Ye Sol with?

lim ji yeon the glory

Despite Jae Joon’s question about her daughter Ye Sol’s current situation, Yeon Jin recalled Moon Dong Eun, “What did we do to Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo)?

Then Sa Ra, who was next to these two, only talked about herself. Sa Ra referred to what she recently suffered from Moon Dong Eun, “Did she really not throw the bag at you guys?

the glory

Netizens left comments such as “It’s totally us“, “The drama captured every little detail haha“, “Each of them only talked about themselves and didn’t answer other people’s questions lol They’re really best friends“…

the glory

Source: Insight

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