“The Glory” actress Park Ji Ah discussed her villain role, acting performance, and 7kg weight loss

Actress Park Ji Ah, who played Dong Eun’s mother in “The Glory”, revealed her efforts to portray a fierce villain.

Park Ji Ah, who appeared in Netflix’s original series “The Glory” (written by Kim Eun Sook/ directed by Ahn Gil Ho) as Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo)’s mother Jung Mi Hee, recalled the filming period in a recent interview with SPOTV News.

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Jung Mi Hee in “The Glory” is the first perpetrator who ruined the life of Moon Dong Eun and a person with alcohol addiction and anger control issues. Revealing how she approached her character, Park Ji Ah said, “I thought about going to an alcohol addiction center, but in the end, I only watched reference videos and didn’t actually go there”, adding, “The most important thing was to show the character’s appearance change from part 1 to part 2.”

The actress explained, “I had to create a logical and reasonable story about what happened to the woman who sold her daughter Dong Eun for 20 million won 18 years ago”, adding, “I couldn’t fill the story with just the simple plot of a single mother who works at a beauty salon and keeps changing her lovers. I had to narrow down the scenarios for the character’s backstory, such as being scammed or getting involved in religious issues.”

park ji ah

Park Ji Ah shared, “Looking at the before and after photos of people with alcohol and drug addiction, I found that they’re definitely the same people but with different appearances. Taking that hint, I tried to lose as much weight as I could”.

“I lost 7kg after completing Part 1 and before the filming of Part 2, reaching the lowest weight in my life in the range of 40kg,” the actress added.

She also continued, “I walked a lot. While walking and mumbling my lines, I thought of Dong Eun’s mother and my worries. It was a time for me to consolidate my strength” adding that her body “bent, twisted” and her voice changed. In fact, the sparkling outfit and waist belt that Jung Mi Hee always wears are additional details that Park Ji Ah added. The orange hair was written on the script as “bleached hair”.

In addition, Park Ji Ah overwhelmed the viewers with her impactful villainous acting that aroused the viewers’ frustration. Her portrayal made many people consider Jung Mi Hee the No.1 villain in “The Glory”.

park ji ah

Park Ji Ah recalled Dong Eun’s reaction, which is only visible to her mother, while fiercely taking revenge on several figures, saying, “I’m the only person who sees Dong Eun crying. Then I have to do the same thing.” 

The actress then explained the key point of her intense acting. She said, “Dong Eun can do anything. However, she cannot do anything to me. Family relationship, I wonder how much she wanted to cut that off. But she couldn’t do it”, adding “That’s why I had to become the reason for it. The only person to whom Dong Eun cries and bows down to is her mother. I had to make that happen.”


“The Glory” depicts the revenge plan carefully prepared by a woman whose life was ruined by school violence. Park Ji Ah proved her presence with her performance as Moon Dong Eun’s mother Jung Mi Hee, the villain who is even eviler than the 5 school violence perpetrators.

Known as the first revenge work written by “romcom expert” writer Kim Eun Sook, “The Glory” created a syndrome and it has topped Netflix’s Global TV Show chart for two consecutive weeks since the release of Part 2 on March 10th.

Source: Naver

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