The fangirl:fanboy ratio at girl groups’ fansigns: BLACKPINK, Red Velvet and MAMAMOO’s surprising numbers

Their fangirls outnumber the fanboys.

The sex ratio of fandoms has always been a hot topic for K-Pop fan communities. Many agree that an idol group will have a higher chance of success of their fangirl ratio is exceptionally high. The reason is that fangirls are loyal, passionate and more willing to pay.

However, K-Pop history has seen some exceptions, for example, TWICE. This JYP girl group has an enormous number of fanboys, but they are still very successful and is currently the top girl group of the 3rd generation.

Below are the fanboy:fangirl ratio joining a fansign event of girl groups:


62% fanboy, 38% fangirl

Red Velvet

17% fanboy, 83% fangirl


53% fanboy, 47% fangirl


13% fanboy, 87% fangirl


4% fanboy, 96% fangirl


80% fanboy, 20% fangirl

Oh My Girl

66% fanboy, 34% fangirl


64% fanboy, 36% fangirl

Weki Meki

63% fanboy, 37% fangirl


84% fanboy, 16% fangirl

Source: tinnhac

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