The child actress in “The Wailing” has grown up and become a goddess

Actress Kim Hwan-hee, who was born in 2002 and has turned 21 years old this year, is receiving keen attention for her recent growth.

Kim Hwan-hee has been recent new photos on her SNS account these days, surprising netizens with her mature appearance that is completely different from her young image in her past movies.

Kim Hwan-hee debuted as Lee Da-hae’s daughter in the 2008 drama “Robber” and has continued to build her acting career. In 2016, she starred in the movie “The Wailing” directed by Na Hong-jin, and left a strong impression on the viewers with her line becoming a buzzword at that time. 

In the same year, Kim Hwan-hee was awarded Best New Actress for her excellent performance in “The Wailing”. Director Na Hong-jin, who won Best Director at the Blue Dragon Film Award, made headlines when he mentioned Kim Hwan-hee, saying “You saved ‘The Wailing’.”

When asked about her character in “The Wailing” in an interview, Kim Hwan-hee shared, “I’m very thankful to play that role but it’s like homework to me that I have to escape from that image if I don’t want to repeat my it in a new drama”, raising movie fans’ high expectations for her future performances.

Kim Hwan-hee was accepted to the Department of Theater and Film at Hanyang University last year and she is known to be enjoying her campus life and filming new works at the same time. 

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