“It’s based on a real story?”… This is how the case about the disabled woman in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was settled in real life

 The actual incident, which became the inspiration for the content in episode 10 of ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, drew keen attention from netizens.

Episode 10 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” tells about the love between an intellectually disabled woman and a non-disabled man. 

extraordinary attorney woo

This story is actually based on a case published in the book named “Why am I defending them?” by attorney Shin Min-young, who took the case as a public defender at that time.

Attorney Shin Min-young said, “The non-disabled defendant intentionally joined a community of intellectually disabled people. He made friends with the female disabled victims then had sexual intercourse with them and opened mobile phone services using their names.”

extraordinary attorney woo

She continued, “In fact, a victim answered questions as a witness by herself and said ‘I love him so I don’t want him to be punished’, but the defendant was still convicted. In this case, it seems like only the victim thought that her romantic relationship was true love.”

extraordinary attorney woo

In response to the real story, netizens commented, “It’s even sadder to know that only the victim thought it was true love”, “Taking advantage of the disabled, he’s such a bad guy”, “This episode is so realistic”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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