The bittersweet stories with idols debuting at too young an age

The Korean entertainment industry has always produced a series of idols. However, there are many cases where these idols debuted when they were only teenagers.

This has caused quite a lot of bittersweet situations, especially when the above idols participate in the filming process or attend the award ceremony. 

idols debuting at too young an age
TREASURE is one of the groups that debuted at a young age. 

The Melon Music Awards 2019 must be one of the unforgettable memories for K-pop fans. Besides the special performances or awards, a funny situation of TXT and ITZY also happened. Specifically, when singer Chungha was performing the song Gotta Go, the youngest members of these two groups were forced to leave.

idols debuting at too young an age
The maknae of 2 groups must leave according to regulations. 

The reason is that these idols are still in their teens. And according to the Korean government’s law on entertainment, underage stars are not allowed to work from 10 p.m to 6 a.m. In order to obey the above “curfew time”, the maknae of TXT and ITZY had to leave. Before greeting the “children”, Yeji and Lia (ITZY) also made clock movements to tease them.

idols debuting at too young an age
Yeji and Lia smiled brightly as the “kids” had to leave.

At this event, ITZY and TXT also won the Best New Artist category. Even though they won the award, the youngest members of these two groups still had to obey the “curfew time” of the staff. The above moment made the fans burst into laughter.

idols debuting at too young an age
The moment TXT and ITZY received the award. 

ITZY’s youngest group includes Chaeryeong, Ryujin (born in 2001) and Yuna (born in 2003). All of them are highly appreciated for their beauty and talent. After many years of debut, Yuna and Ryujin are currently two beloved female idols. If Ryujin impresses the audience with her cool personality, Yuna has an admirable body.

idols debuting at too young an age
ITZY’s beautiful maknae lineup. 

TXT’s maknae line consists of Beomgyu (born in 2001), Taehyun and Huening Kai (born in 2002). In particular, Huening Kai draws much attention for his mixed-race visuals. 

idols debuting at too young an age
The 3 youngest members of TXT all have appealing visuals 

So Jung HwanTREASURE’s maknae also got into a similar situation. When the group was recording the show Idol League, he asked for permission from the 2 hosts to leave early because he had to go to school. The other members then acted like Jung Hwan’s parents, telling him to study hard.

idols debuting at too young an age
Jung Hwan asking for permission to leave early made fans laugh. 

JungHwan was born in 2005, making him one of the youngest idols of K-pop. When he first debuted with TREASURE, he was only a 14-year-old middle schooler. Besides JungHwan, the rest of the group is also very young. TREASURE‘s oldest member is Hyun Suk, also the leader of the group, born in 1999.

idols debuting at too young an age

In K-pop, there are many cases where idols debuted between the ages of 12 and 13 and were opposed by the public. They believe that at such a young age, kids are supposed to have fun and focus on their studies, instead of entering the complex entertainment industry with a tough environment. Many entertainment companies have been criticized for dressing underaged idols in inappropriate outfits. 

idols debuting at too young an age
Yujin (IVE) came under controversy for wearing an inappropriate outfit when she was 17 years old.  

Debuting at a young age, idols, besides focusing on group promotions, still have to spend time studying. So, there are a lot of conflicting opinions on this matter. However, entertainment companies are always concerned about the benefits as well as the training regime and activities of the above idols.

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