The best girl group member who only said hello to “Male Idol” in the music show waiting room revealed by a singer 

Seolheim, former FlaShe member, introduced a rare behind story of the waiting room for music shows.

A shocking episode of a girl group member waiting room

On the YouTube channel “STUDIO COME ON” on the 20th, the most shocking events that have ever been experienced during [broadcasting activities] have been released.

The two people who appeared in the video had time to talk about their experiences and incidents in the entertainment industry while doing broadcasting activities.

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Image: YouTube “STUDIO COME ON”

While they were talking about various things on the day, they were asked, “There are really no X idols”.

Seolheim began the story, saying, “I was there”.

“When I was active, (they) were rookies,” she said, hinting, “this time it was a little of an issue because of a song”. 

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Image: YouTube “STUDIO COME ON”

Girl group A, the female group, glares at the male idol…

“What was so bad about them was that I was a senior anyway. There is a main visual on their team, and she was younger than me and a rookie”, she said, “But she didn’t say hello, and pretended to laugh at us when we said hello first”. 

According to Seolheim, A, a junior, did this to all female groups.

What was more serious was her attitude toward male idols.

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Seolheim said, “When a boy idol passes by, Then (A) said in a gentle tone, ‘Hello, I’m OOO,’he claimed”.

She also added that her colleagues said, “It’s really amazing,” looking at A’s discriminatory attitudes.

The video drew attention from TikTok, which was re-edited and uploaded.

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After Internet users guessed A

The interest of netizens who watched the video was definitely who A would be.

Although the names of several groups were listed in the comments, it is not easy to guess because the timing is not well specified since A joined the girl group that debuted in 2012.

Seolheim is a member who played her stage name Yaerin in the girl group FlaShe.

She joined the group in August 2017 and began her career with FlaShe’s seventh single, “FLASHE SEASON ALBUM”, released on 28 August 2017.

Before Yaerin joined, the group often performed their songs with new members at events.

She moved to HiHet Co., Ltd. after the disbandment of FlaShe, and is currently working as a talent after changing her name to Seolheim.

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