The best friend duo being silly and hilarious behind the scene of “A Business Proposal”

The extremely funny behind-the-scenes clip of the two actresses of “The Business Proposal” is attracting the attention of the online community.

A Business Proposal is one of the hottest Korean dramas today, receiving much love from a huge number of fans. The drama has helped the cast become more and more famous, in which it is impossible not to mention the female lead Shin Ha Ri (played by Kim Se Jeong) and the supporting female Jin Young Seo (played by Seo In Ah). 

A Business Proposal-Seo In Ah-Kim Se Jeong
The two girls are now well-known for starring in the drama.

Recently, the extremely cute behind-the-scenes clip of these two girls is making fans extremely excited. Specifically, during a break between scenes, the duo had a funny moment when they had a “singing contest”, making everybody laugh.

Funny behind-the-scenes clip of two actresses.

Fans all expressed their love for Se Jeong and Seo In Ah‘s cheerful, vivacious and “extreme” personalities. In particular, what makes this clip go viral is because the two girls’ vocal level comparison makes people think of the beloved Cheon Seo Jin character in the famous drama Penthouse. It’s true that everyone loves Penthouse!

A Business Proposal-Seo In Ah-Kim Se Jeong
The two “students” of Seo Jin got lost in A Business Proposal!

Some netizens commented:

– They are just like the duo in Penthouse!

– I almost die laughing, the two are too hilarious! They remind me of Penthouse while watching.

– It’s so funny, why did the two students of Choen Seo Jin get lost in “A Business Proposal”?

– The two girls are so cute. They surely are Seo Jin’s students!

-I like seeing friendship between actors  like this. These girls are at the same age so things might be more comfortable for them.

The reason the two actresses can comfortably laugh and joke with each other in such a fun behind-the-scenes is because these two have had the opportunity to work together in the “School 2017” project. The mutual understanding and closeness help Se Jeong and Seo In Ah create an extremely adorable on-screen pair of best friend, quickly winning the hearts of many fans.


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