“The Assassin” Shin Hyun Joon talks about his bed scene, “I hope my wife won’t be angry”

Actor Shin Hyun Joon mentioned the bed scene he filmed with a naked actress in “The Assassin”.

Shin Hyun Joon attended the press preview and press conference for the movie “The Assassin” (director Kwak Jung Deok) held at Lotte Cinema at Konkuk University Entrance in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on February 10th. Regarding his bed scene challenge, the actor said, “The bed scene was short, and it’s not a high-rating one.”

The Assassin

He continued, “After getting married, I didn’t do any kiss scene or things like that. My wife also did not tell me not to do them”, adding “I’m worried because my wife will be watching the movie after 30 minutes”.

Shin Hyun Joon revealed, “The actress worked really hard for the scene. It was not an indoor set, but an outdoor one. We filmed ‘The Assassin’ during the coldest days but the actress was almost naked. I remember she had a hard time during the filming”, adding “I hope my wife won’t be angry”.

The Assassin

“The Assassin” is an action historical drama about Lee Nan, Joseon’s best swordsman, in front of an irreversible fate in a chaotic world. 

Shin Hyun Joon plays Lee Nan, who never fails once he accepts a request. Lee Moon Sik appears in the movie as Lee Bang. While Kim Min Kyung plays Seon Hong, the owner of a rice soup restaurant who raises a son, and Hong Eun Ki takes on the role of another excellent swordsman Dal Gi. 

The Assassin

Meanwhile, “The Assassin” will premiere on February 22nd.

Source: insight

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