The Amazing Secret behind Wang Seok-hyun’s Famous Expression in “Scandal Makers”

Have you ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes stories of the child actor in “Scandal Makers”?

-This is the scene where Ki Dong (Wang Seok-hyun) looks at Mu Gung-hwa (Jeon Min-seo), the girl he likes. Hyun-soo, who saw this, bought both Jeong-nam (Park Bo-young) and Gi-dong’s clothes and gave them a big change in style.

wang seok hyeon

-Wang Seok-hyun acted the scene with a look so enraptured that not only the actors and staff at the filming site but also the audience watching the movie burst into laughter.

wang seok hyeon

– The surprising secret of this scene is that it came out by accident, not by the director’s direction! At that time, young Wang Seok-hyun just woke up from a nap, and the director thought it would be funny if he filmed the scene as it was, so he ordered Seok-hyun to just sit there and filmed the scene with only the child actors playing around.

-The scene where Wang Seok-hyun smirked during Cha Tae-hyun‘s go-stop game, which has become a legend, is also a scene that was completed by filming after putting Wang Seok-hyun to sleep. At that time, young Wang Seok-hyun showed good condition whenever he woke up from a nap and completed the famous scene.

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