The amazing rookie actress in “2037” turns out to be a Produce 48 contestant, who is she?

Only 20 years old, the actress has had a hard time getting her first female lead role.

This actress, who is only 20 years old and going through a lot of changes, is presently garnering notice for her first film project, which has a highly interesting story and calls for strong acting abilities.

Hong Ye Ji, who was born in 2002, was formerly known by the public for her work as a trainee on a survival show. She joined Produce 48 in 2018 at the age of just 16 while being under CNC Entertainment. However, Ye Ji only reached 78th place and was eliminated in episode 5. She did not draw a lot of attention during the entire show.

Hong Ye Ji had trouble finding a good agency after Produce 48. In just three years, she has worked for three different entertainment companies: STARDIUM Entertainment (as an idol, departing in 2020), Jung Entertainment (as an actress, joining and leaving in 2021), and Big Whale Entertainment (from September 2021). Ye Ji has also begun to seek a career as an actress.

Fortunately, in 2021, Hong Ye Ji had the first acting opportunity in her life, as the female lead in the movie “2037”. Hong Ye Ji plays Yoon Young, a 19-year-old girl who, regrettably, commits a crime that leads to her imprisonment for life.

In prison, Yoon Young was called 2037, then made friends with other female prisoners. Each girl has her own story, but they all want to protect Yoon Young as much as possible. After all, is there any miracle that happens to the female lead?

In addition to her beautiful appearance, Hong Ye Ji also received many compliments on her acting ability, especially since this is her first film project. After more than 4 years since being eliminated from Produce 48, Hong Ye Ji seems to have found her light at the age of 20.

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