The 6 KPop Visuals Are Popular With Korean Men Nowadays

The beauties that South Korean men mentioned recently are Min Joo (IZONE), Arin (Oh My Girl), Sana (Twice)…

Min Joo (IZONE)

Min Joo, born in 2001, is the most popular member of IZONE. During the Fiesta and Secret Story of the Swan comebacks in 2020, Min Joo is constantly being noticed for her outstanding appearance. At the age of 20, the female idol’s beauty increasingly shines. Korean men love the feminine beauty, the classic and elegant temperament and the innocence of Min Joo. She is also a symbol of sexy beauty in the group, having many sexy moments went viral on YouTube.

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Ji Soo (Black Pink)

Ji Soo, born in 1995, is the best visual of YG nowadays. The Black Pink beauty has a delicate face, soulful eyes and a heart-shaped mouth. Jisoo is well-loved by Korean men for her traditional Korean actor’s beauty. Despite her powerful image on stage, the female idol still captures the hearts of many men thanks to her sweet beauty and lovely personality.

Na Eun (April)

Lee Na Eun from April is the most popular visual of the new generation in 2020. The female idol born in 1999 is called the combined version of Na Yeon (Twice) and Joy (Red Velvet) thanks to the similarity in her energetic cheerful aura and charming smile. 

Na Eun’s reputation is getting more and more popular, thanks to her hard work promoting as a member of April and as an actor, MC, advertising model. Many Korean fan boys choose Na Eun as their ideal type of girlfriend because of her lovely beauty and cheerful aura, creating a happy atmosphere.

Irene (Red Velvet)

As soon as she debuted, Irene was called the SM’s new generation “queen of beauty” by Korean netizens. After 6 years since her debut, the 1991 female idol was still the top beauty icon in Kpop despite the debut of many other youthful idols. Irene’s appearance makes men “infatuated” with her perfect face, smooth white skin and icy aura.

Sana (Twice)

Sana born in 1996, is one of the top “sexy icons” of Kpop 3rd generation. Since debut, the Japanese female idol has made Korean boys “go crazy”. Sana has an innocent face but an extremely sexy body. She is also very popular with fan boys for her aegyo (cute expressions and actions). Actor Park Seo Joon even expressed his admiration for Sana and mentioned her signature slogan “No Sana no life”. Fans believe that Sana has a special appeal not only to men but also to women. It is a mixture of sexy aura, fox-like eyes and angelic pureness.

Arin (Oh My Girl)

Arin born in 1999, is the youngest member of Oh My Girl. The female idol is famous for her pure beauty, innocent baby face like a “first lover”. After 6 years since her debut, Arin attracts others with her mature appearance and sweet aura. During the Nonstop comeback in April, Arin attracted attention when cutting her familiar long hair. Many fans say that whether she has gentle, long hair or youthful, short hair, she is still the “national fairy” with her unique pure beauty.

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