Is Hyorin always this skinny? If a Barbie doll is real, it would be Hyorin

Singer Hyorin, former member of girl group SISTAR, looks great with a Barbie doll body.

On August 29th, Hyorin posted on her Instagram, “Music Core! Thank you so much.”

Along with the caption, Hyorin posted several photos of her after filming for “Music Core”.

Wearing a gray colored one-piece, Hyorin showed off her healthy, elastic, brown skin and sexy body.

In particular, Hyorin showed off her sharp jawline and small waist, with a long straight blonde hair, she gave off the charm of a Barbie doll.

On the other hand, Hyorin released her second mini-album ‘Say My Name’ on August 19th.

Sources: Nate

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