The 3 trainees that are always in TOP 11 visual of “Produce X”

Here are the trainees of Mnet’s Produce X101 who are ranked in the top with their visuals. The raking was released on May 17.

They had to participate in a group battle, and in the first ranking result, they survived up to the 60th rank. It was a fierce competition.

Especially, there are trainees called ‘Visual Pick.’ National producers are voting for their unrealistically handsome looks.

The first trainee is Kim Yo Han from OUI Entertainment. He was 3rd in the 1st week, 1st in the 2nd week, and 1st in the 3rd week. He’s always in TOP 3.

He’s showing off his power, and as of May 17, he got about 675,000 views which is also the highest.

Next is Kim Min Gyu from Jellyfish. He got No.1 for the 1st week, No.2 for the 2nd week, and No.2 for the 3rd week. He’s also receiving attention for his pretty looks.

Some say his performance is disappointing, but he’s building a sincere image and practicing passionately.

The third one is Kim Woo Suk from TOP Media. Starting from the first week, he ranked 5th, 7th, and 6th, respectively. He was very popular.

He topped the team battle assessment and is loved by many fans for his sharp eyes and narrow face.

In addition, several other trainees remain at the top of the list in succession. They are Son Dong Pyo, Song Hyung Joon, Nam Do Hyun, Lee Eun Sang, Song Yoo Bin and Park Seon Ho.

Sources: Dispatch

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