What if we asked BTS foreign fans, “Do you know the May 18th Gwangju Movement?”…

BTS J-Hope mentioned about the May 18th Movement in their song “Ma City.”

Foreign ARMY, let’s learn about the May 18th movement through the explanation tweets and videos.

Recently, BTS’ foreign fans, made headlines when it was revealed that they were studying about the May 18th Democratic Movement. It is because the BTS members refer to this movement in their song.

“If you want to see me then gather at 7. Everyone dial it, 062 – 518”

J-Hope (real name Jeong Ho-suk, 25) who is from Gwangju, expressed his pride through the song “Ma City.” “Gather at 7” is a term used by the far-right community to denigrate Gwangju, and “062-518” refers to Gwangju’s regional numbers “062” and the May 18th Democratic Movement. In order to understand BTS’ music and thoughts, foreign ARMY also studied about the May 18th Movement. Tweets and videos describing the May 18th Movement in various languages are readily available on SNS and YouTube.

So what if we stop a foreign ARMY who visited Korea and ask them, “Do you know the May 18th Movement?”, will we be able to hear the answer yes? And to the ARMYs who know about this Democratic Movement, how do they think about this historical event?

Check out the video for more details!

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