“Taxi Driver 2” is about to end today (April 15th)…Lee Je Hoon talks about the production of season 3

Leading actors shared their thoughts on the end of SBS’ drama “Taxi Driver 2”, which is about to end on April 15th.

Lee Je Hoon expressed a positive opinion about the production of season 3, “I can’t believe I already have to tell you how I feel about the end of the drama. Time seems to have passed that fast. I was happy and grateful to be able to be with you from season 1 to season 2. If I have another precious wish, I hope I can write another story with the ‘Rainbow Taxi Company’ family.”


Previously, at the “2023 Hong Kong Filmart” held at the Hong Kong Convention Center on March 15th, Lee Je Hoon also expressed his attachment to the “Taxi Driver” series, “If ‘Taxi Driver 3’ is produced, I want to ride a taxi in Hong Kong.”


Following Lee Je Hoon, Kim Eui Sung confessed, “The last shoot always mixes joy and sadness. I sincerely thank you for your enthusiastic love and support for ‘Taxi Driver 2’. We’ll try to become a ‘Rainbow Taxi Company’ that doesn’t disappoint you.”


Pyo Ye Jin said, “Thank you for loving ‘Taxi Driver 2’ and Go Eun. It was an honor to be able to share a great story with you once again. It’s sad that ‘Taxi Driver 2’ is going to end, but I think the Rainbow team will always remain a precious family somewhere.”

Meanwhile, the final episode of “Taxi Driver 2” will be extended to 80 minutes and broadcast from 9:50 PM. In addition, actresses Moon Chae Won and Kim So Yeon will make special appearances.

Source: wikitree

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