Taking off the top?… Song Ji Hyo’s “dizzying” photos, everyone was surprised

Actress Song Ji Hyo showed off her bold charm, attracting attention.

On Dec 5th, Song Ji Hyo posted 2 photos on her Instagram without any captions.

In the first photo, Song Ji Hyo showed off her superior visuals with a red top wrapping around her face.

She caught the eye by boasting her beauty with a small face and clear features.

song ji hyo instagram

She also showed off her fresh charm by pouting her lips, drawing admiration.

In the second photo, Song Ji Hyo held her top high above her arms and certified her slim waistline. On top of that, the dizzying atmosphere in which she seems to have taken off the top drew attention.

Netizens who saw the photos expressed surprise and responded enthusiastically.

song ji hyo instagram

Netizens left comments on Song Ji Hyo’s Instagram, such as “No. Protect Ji Hyo“, “Cute and sexy“, “What? You’re so sexy“, “It seems like you’re back to your heyday. You’re the prettiest person in the world” and “You’re beautiful.

Song Ji Hyo recently attracted great attention by showing a different style through broadcasts and SNS. She recently signed an exclusive contract with her new agency “Uzurocks”, and her stylist is known to have changed.

song ji hyo running man

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo is currently loved by fans by appearing on SBS’ “Running Man“.

Source: Wikitree

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