Taking off his high heels, Jo Kwon shows off his masculine side with his strong abs

Singer Jo Kwon showed off his masculinity by showing off his strong abs in a sporty look for the first time in a long while.

Singer Jo Kwon, a representative of the genderless look, showed off his masculine beauty after a long time.

On August 13th, Jo Kwon posted several photos on his Instagram account, saying, “A shirtless shoot after a long time.”

In the photo, Jo Kwon is enjoying photosynthesis at a resort pool in Jeju Island. Jo Kwon matched Crocs with red pants and showed off his abs which is as clear as a washboard. 

Jo Kwon’s skinny yet lean and solid muscles made fans’ hearts flutter. Until now, Jo Kwon has consistently pursued genderless fashion.

Jo Kwon pulled off everything from his favorite feminine high heels to dark makeup, and recently, he even dressed up in a wig, drawing attention.

Last June, Jo Kwon appeared on SBS Love FM’s “Heo Ji Woong Show”‘s “This is the best!” corner and confessed that “High heels are a very big confidence boost for me.”

In addition, Jo Kwon said on KBS2’s “Godfather” in May, “I think there is no gender in fashion. I’m not unusual, I’m just a special person. I feel confident and happy when I wear high heels,” he said.

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