Tae Yang revealed an unexpected friendship that surprised even his manager

Singer Tae Yang, a member of BIGBANG, reveals unexpected connections around him on the latest episode of “The Manager”.

In the 232nd episode of MBC’s “The Manager”, which airs on January 28th, Tae Yang will participate in the dance challenge of his new song “VIBE” with Tanaka. Taeyang is said to have revealed his hidden gag instinct and made everyone laugh with his fantastic tiki-taka chemistry with Tanaka.


Tae Yang also revealed an unexpected connection that surprised even his manager. Rumor has it that the hosts were also surprised to see Tae Yang meeting this person.

Tae Yang then visits his favorite restaurant, a Pyeongyang naengmyeon restaurant, with his special friend and did a special eating show. Tae Yang even flustered the studio by eating “this” with Pyeongyang naengmyeon, showing off his super-classy side.


Meanwhile, Tae Yang got to challenge his knowledge of new slang that is spreading around the MZ generation these days. However, he is said to have fainted after being overwhelmed by new words that he heard for the first time in his life. Fans are curious whether Tae Yang will be able to be reborn as an MZ after the new slang test. The episode airs at 11:10 p.m. on Jan 28th.

Source: Newsen

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