Suzy’s bold exposure… The nation’s first love who is about to turn 30

Singer-actress Suzy boasted her elegant beauty.

On April 26th, Suzy posted a photo on her Instagram account without any special caption.

In the picture, Suzy was boldly exposing herself in an outfit with low necklines. She created an innocent atmosphere by letting down her long straight hair.

Also, Suzy held her chin and stared at the camera with a deep gaze. Her beauty made everyone gasp.


Meanwhile, Suzy chose Coupang Play’s new series “Anna” as her next project. “Anna” is the story of a woman who started a small lie and ended up living a completely different life. Director Lee Joo-young, who was recognized for her directing skills and workmanship through the movie “A Single Rider“, was in charge of directing and scriptwriting.

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