Suzy’s beach fashion: Missing bottoms and sheer top that exudes elegance

Dressed in a simple white sheer shirt, singer-actress Suzy embodies innocence and elegance, proving herself as the nation’s sweetheart. 

On June 7th, Suzy’s agency, Management Soop, posted several photos of the singer-actress, which was taken at a recent advertising shoot, along with the caption, “Snapshots from the set of an advertisement.” 


At the same time, the agency mentioned Suzy’s nickname, saying, “Check out the ‘rabbit Suzy’ who embodies innocence, purity, and elegance all by herself.”

In the published photos, Suzy can be seen wearing shorts beneath a loose-fitting sheer shirt, creating the illusion of “missing bottoms”. At the same time, she flaunted her unmatched innocence against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset at the beach.


On the other hand, Suzy is working together with actor Yang Se Jong for the Netflix original series “Doona!”, which is set to be released in the 4th quarter of 2023.

Source: Nate

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