Suzy recalled the time she filmed “Anna” and talked about its impact on her life

Suzy revealed what she learned after performing Coupang Play’s series “Anna”.

Star News met with filmmakers who shone this year. Following Song Kang Ho, the second person is Suzy, who gained huge love for her performance in “Anna”.

“Suzy is Anna” – People who watched Coupang Play’s series “Anna” will definitely think the same. “Anna” came to Suzy as an opportunity and also a challenge and she successfully made it. This experience will help Suzy grow more as an actress.


▶ “Anna” was originally planned as a movie but then produced into a drama. Another actress was mentioned as the female lead when “Anna” was still a movie plan. After turning it into a drama, the production team tried to broadcast it on tvN but failed and eventually invested in Coupang Play. It was really difficult to plan this work, as investors had not yet ready to choose a drama led by only one female character. Why did you decide to appear in “Anna” despite knowing all that process?

– I didn’t know the details, and of course, I was really worried. I kept wondering whether I could pull off the character well, whether I put my greed ahead, or whether I could act as I wanted to. At first, I questioned why this work came to me. The age of the character Anna in the drama is a little different from mine. 

However, I felt excited, when reading the script and following the psychology of the character. I found out that my feelings when accepting Anna were more important than how I acted and the way I expressed my lines.


▶ That’s why you became Anna and started filming “Anna”?

– I was not 100% prepared before we started filming. But when I was at the filming site, in that space, wearing that clothes and feeling that energy, I felt that I had completely become Anna.

▶ It’s not easy to convey the feelings of the character even when there are only a few lines and scenes where emotions are released. The actor must have stable acting skills. Making the audience feel the acting when you have to suppress emotions is much more difficult. In particular, it is more difficult for handsome and beautiful actors because viewers may easily be distracted by their visuals. It’s a challenge. But in “Anna”, Suzy did it. You perfectly delivered Anna’s anxiety to viewers.

– I prepared a lot to express the anxiety and worries when Yumi becomes Anna. I calculated everything so that those feelings can be seen in my eyes and felt in my breath. There were many scenes where I had to press my emotions down, and there were times I had to express various emotions at once. I felt sorry when yelling at others, and I also felt like I was crazy.

▶ Did you feel lonely on the set?

– While having a drink with my fellow actors, such as Jung Eun Chae, Kim Joon Han, and Park Ye Young, I jokingly asked them to not get too close to me. I thought it would be necessary to maintain my emotions when acting. Unlike the atmosphere of the drama, the atmosphere at the filming set was so good. We discussed and talked about expressing our characters’ emotions. I felt great that we got to communicate more.


▶ The last scene of the car accident and your expression were really good.

– In fact, I selected this work because I wanted to do this scene from the first time I read the script. In the script, it said, ‘cry sady’. However, rather than crying, I really wanted to shout out loud. I couldn’t practice at home because of the noise between floors, and I wanted to express my emotions properly. I filmed that scene in Gunsan, and it was really cold at that time. When the sun was setting, I had to film the scene quickly when the sky was still red. I felt proud and thankful after finishing it. 

▶ During “Architecture 101” days, you had a hard time balancing your schedules as a singer and actor. You worked hard but sometimes people couldn’t understand you and gave you harsh evaluations. How did you endure those times? 

– Everyone is working hard. Due to the nature of my job, I always receive evaluations while working. There were times when the evaluations were like thorns in my chest. There were moments when I tried to overcome everything but couldn’t even say anything. I’ve endured and lived like that. That’s why I chose “Anna”. I don’t know what kind of evaluation is waiting for me, but I took courage and reminded myself, “You can do it well. Let’s get a compliment.”

▶ You’re normally strict with yourself, but can you praise Suzy for her good performance in “Anna”?

– I think being strict with myself made me stronger. I also complimented myself while doing “Anna”.

Suzy Anna

▶ You filmed “Wonderland” (director Kim Tae Yong) even before “Anna”. According to the stories we were told, Suzy’s energy and acting were very.

– “Wonderland” required me to show lots of energy. I also learned how to focus on myself on the set. Normally, I like taking care of people. So when I did “Anna,” I tried to concentrate on myself more because Anna was the most selfish character I had ever played. I used to try hard to be a good person. After looking forward to being treated nicely in return and losing my expectations, I became a little free from those things while performing “Anna”. I believed that sometimes I should focus on myself more. I think viewers were shocked many times while watching “Anna”. Didn’t she tell too many lies?

▶ You received many compliments for “Anna”.

– It was a strange feeling I’d never experienced before. I was so grateful for the comments that said, “You look like Yumi” and “You look like Anna.” There were times when I was obsessed with Anna. There were times when I kept doing the exact tone and behaviors of Anna. I used to be very busy and exhausted when I carried out singing activities. It seems that the time when I worked as an actress help me put aside all those worries and focus on myself.

▶ How is a day in Suzy’s working life?

– I go to work then go home. The routine naturally develops and I’ve become comfortable with it as. I clearly know when I’m working and when I’m not. It’s fun. Now I’m trying to get rid of the stress I had from working and get off work.

Suzy Anna

▶ Anna resembles Suzy. Lee Doo Na in Netflix’s upcoming series “Doona!” also resembles Suzy. 

– I can’t relate well to the character that is too different from me. You have to empathize to get interested. So I really sympathized with Anna. Not just me but everyone feels nervous in life, right? Feeling pressured. Lee Doo Na resembles a part of me. 

▶ There was a line in “Anna” that said, “Hell is not a space, but a situation”. Do you agree with that?

– I totally agree. Sometimes I wonder why humans can’t communicate like this. But work is a little fun these days. Every moment is fun and grateful.


▶ How about your MBTI?

– It’s ISTP. It changed 8 times and this is the latest version. Seems like my MBTI changes every time I do a new work.

▶ What are you most grateful for this year?

– When I ate and talked with my staff after work after finishing the shoot in a good mood. I enjoy working with so many good people. When I can wrap up the day like that, I feel very grateful.

Source: Daum

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