Kim Jaejoong and Kara celebrated the 19th anniversary

Singer and actor Kim Jae-joong expressed his gratitude to Kara.

Kim Jae-joong posted several photos on his Instagram on the 26th, along with a post saying, “KARA is the best. Thank you, our angels.”


The published photos include Kim Jae-joong, KARA‘s Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Nicole, Kang Jiyoung, Heo Youngji, and others having a meal in comfortable clothes. In particular, a cake with the number 19 placed in front of Kim Jae-joong drew attention. Kara members prepared a surprise party for Jae-joong, who celebrated the 19th anniversary of his debut.

jaejoong kara

Seeing Kim Jaejoong’s post, Kara’s Heo Youngji commented, “You’re faster than anyone else”. Kang Jiyoung also commented, “Congratulations Jaejoong Senpai, it’s not a secret that I waved a red (Kim Jaejoong official fandom color) balloon.”

jaejoong kara

In response, Internet users responded in various ways, including “Kara and Jaejoong, fighting,” “You are really warm seniors and juniors,” “Jaejoong, congratulations on the 19th anniversary, let’s go for the 30th anniversary,” and “Kara members must have prepared it.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-joong debuted as a member of the group TVXQ in 2003 and is currently active as a solo singer and actor. Kara has recently released a new album as a while group, receiving much love.

Source: wikitree

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