Suzy, “I hardly remember anything about ‘Dream High’… Back then, I couldn’t sleep well and had to brush my teeth in a mall”

Singer-actress Suzy told some stories about the time she filmed “Dream High”.

Suzy appeared on SBS’s entertainment program “MMTG”, which aired on July 1st.

Jae Jae mentioned Suzy’s debut drama KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” and began asking some questions about it. When Jae Jae introduced the story in the first episode of “Dream High”, Suzy reacted “Was there content like that?”.

Regarding the unrealistic details of the drama, Suzy said, “Since it’s a TV show, I understood it and I hardly remember it now, so…

Jae Jae complimented Suzy for her great performance in “Dream High” 11 years ago. She said, “IVE’s Leeseo was born in 2007. A friend who is one year older than Leeseo did this”, expressing her surprise.

When Jae Jae asked, “Was it hard for you to grow up like that?”, Suzy recalled the past and said, “I can remember only a few memories of that time. I was too busy”.

Regarding her hard time back then, Suzy said, “I didn’t have much time to sleep. I only remember the one time when I went to a mall and brush my teeth there. It was really cold”, drawing regret. When Jae Jae asked, “Even the hotel had no hot water for you to brush your teeth?”, Suzy replied, “That’s right. It was extremely cold. The toilet water was all frozen.”

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