Supermodel Naomi Campbell publicly shows her support for BLACKPINK

This is not the first time this supermodel has shown her love and support for Kpop girl group – BLACKPINK.

Recently, supermodel Naomi Campbell made BLACKPINK fans extremely excited when she shared pictures of the 4 YG girls on her SNS.

The supermodel shared a photo of BLACKPINK on the cover of Rolling Stone. BLACKPINK is the 3rd girl group (after the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child) and the first K-Pop girl group to appear on the cover of this prestigious music magazine. In addition, Naomi Campbell also attached the sound of the group’s hit song How You Like That and added small heart symbols below BLACKPINK’s photo. This move of the world’s top supermodel is to show her love and support for the Korean idols.

The image of BLACKPINK was shared by Naomi Campbell on her Instagram Story (Image: Instagram)

In fact, this is not the first time Naomi Campbell has publicly shown her support for BLACKPINK. According to Soompi, for years, the 52-year-old supermodel has indirectly revealed she is a fan of BLACKPINK by liking their posts on social media multiple times. 


Meanwhile, as recently confirmed through an interview with Rolling Stone, BLACKPINK is preparing for a long-awaited comeback and global tour. 

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