“Successful Businesswoman” T-ara’s Hyomin Shows Of Sexy & Glamorous Body Figure

T-ara’s Hyomin, who has transformed into a successful businesswoman, released proof shots after completing an event

On June 30th, Hyomin uploaded several photos on her SNS account. Revealing her whereabouts, she said, “The WELCOME SUMMER PARTY we had with our best partners has ended without regrets. Our winter launch party six months ago feels like it just happened yesterday. It’s already summer now so we’ve presented an amazing event that we dreamed of with the ‘queen of summer’.”

She added, “To our collaboration brands, the wonderful Bayantree Oasis, and everyone who came to the party, thank you and I sincerely love you all”.

The released pictures drew attention as they showed Hyomin flaunting her sexy body while wearing a green bikini. In particular, her S-line stood out.

Meanwhile, Hyomin made her debut as a member of the girl group T-ara and is now actively communicating with fans through her own YouTube channel. Recently, Hyomin has started a liquor business. 

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