Stray Kids Lee Know recommendation for a Japanese fan made everyone laughed

The witty talk of Stray Kids member Lee Know when asked for travel recommendations in Korea received explosive responses. 

Stray Kids member Lee Know often communicates with fans through fan platforms. Recently, a Japanese fan greeted him in Japanese and asked, “Do you have any recommendations for me, who is traveling to Korea for the first time?”


In response, Lee Know left a reply that invoked intense laughter from fans. In particular, the male idol said, “I recommend taking the express line 9 between 6:00 and 8:00 pm.” 

It is known that between 6 to 8 PM is the rush hour, where subways and buses are extremely packed. In addition, express line 9 is famous for being an extremely crowded line.

Because of this, netizens who saw Lee Know’s humor poured out reactions such as “I applaud this evil recommendation”, “An experience representative for Korea’s version of hell”, and “I just burst out laughing while reading his answer”.


Meanwhile, Stray Kids, the group to which Lee Know belongs, recently received enthusiastic responses with their first full-length Japanese album “THE SOUND”, which topped the Oricon daily album rankings on February 21st (estimated sales of 250,422 copies). 

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On February 25th and 26th, Stray Kids will be performing at Kyocera Dome in Osaka as part of their world tour. On March 31st and April 2nd (local time), encore concerts will be held at the Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles, USA, putting a finale to the group’s 2nd world tour “MANIAC”, which consists of 42 shows in 19 cities around the world.  

Source: Insight 

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