Stray Kids’ Bang Chan reveals the reason why K-pop idols lip sync 

According to Bang Chan, Kpop artists’ busy schedules make it difficult for them to sing live all the time. 

Through an online broadcast on February 28, Bang Chan – the leader of Stray Kids – explained the reason why K-pop idols sometimes lip sync, even vocalists who have been recognized for their singing abilities. Bang Chan said that Kpop idols have extremely tight schedules which begin early in the morning and end late at night, which makes them exhausted.


Moreover, idols often have to attend several meetings before going on stage to perform. By that time, their voices would become hoarse because of too much talking, so they would no longer deliver a good performance if they had to sing live. In this case, idols usually play the pre-recorded version of the song and only perform the choreography on stage.

Bang Chan went on to add that, on Korean music shows, there are two most common types of lip sync using pre-recorded recordings: one’s that’s recorded on stage and one’s in the studio with breathing sounds and a few minor errors added when processing the song. The second way of lip syncing is less noticeable and sounds more convincing. 

aespa has been criticized for lipsyncing many times

Bang Chan asserts that Kpop idols do not hide the fact that sometimes they have to lip sync. Lip-syncing is only used in case of a force majeure situation, for example when their health conditions are poor. According to the male singer, lip-syncing does not show whether the singers have talent or not. Because if they didn’t have talent, they would never be selected by entertainment companies or have the chance to debut.

Bang Chan, born in 1997, is the leader of Stray Kids. He officially debuted with Stray Kids in 2017 under JYP Entertainment. In addition to being the leader and rapper, Bang Chan also composed and produced most of Stray Kids’ songs. Bang Chan is recognized as one of Kpop’s multi-talented idols. Before joining the group, Bang Chan was part of a Hip hop trio called 3Racha, where he uses the stage name CB97.

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