Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Opens Up About Being Ignored by Some Idols Backstage of Music Bank in Paris

Bang Chan of Stray Kids shares his experience of being ignored by fellow colleagues at Music Bank in Paris.

In a recent live broadcast, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan candidly addressed an experience he had during the group’s participation in Music Bank in Paris. In particular, Bang Chan shared his thoughts on a concerning matter.

Acknowledging the generation gap, Bang Chan confessed to feeling like an “oldie”. He expressed his concern over the diminishing importance of simple greetings and basic courtesy. 


Reflecting on instances where he greeted fellow idols with a friendly “Oh hello” only to receive no response, Bang Chan couldn’t help but question the changing norms of behavior. He wondered whether this generation allows for such dismissive attitudes.

Bang Chan was quick to acknowledge that he might be overthinking this matter, considering his own perspective towards traditional values. 

However, the leader of Stray Kids couldn’t ignore the impact these interactions had on him. It became one of the lasting memories from his time during Music Bank in Paris. 


Bang Chan said, “All the people I’m close to, people I know, people I’ve shared memories with, they’re all fine. But I guess there are some people I don’t know… Maybe it’s because we don’t have a connection or maybe they’re shy or anxious… that could be the reason.

The artist lineup of Music Bank in Paris includes IVE, NMIXX, MAMAMOO, The Boyz, Stray Kids, AB6IX, ENHYPEN, CRAVITY, and P1Harmony. 

After Bang Chan’s remarks, netizens were left curious about the unidentified idols he mentioned who ignored his greetings. 

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