STAYC Yoon and J won’t be taking the CSAT to focus on their main job

Yoon and J, two members of girl group STAYC, won’t be taking the college entrance exam this year 

According to a Star News coverage on November 9th, Yoon and J of girl group STAYC won’t be taking the 2023 College Scholastic Ability Test (hereinafter referred to as the CSAT), which will be held on November 17th.

STAYC is a six-member girl group that was introduced by High Up Entertainment in November 2020. The name “STAYC” is an abbreviation for “Star To A Young Culture”, and has the meaning of “I will become a star who leads a young culture”.

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Among the members, Yoon and J are in their third year of high school this year and are candidates for the college entrance exam. However, the two opted out of taking the entrance exam this year and decided to focus on their idol career for the time being.

Meanwhile, STAYC is releasing their first Japanese single “POPPY” on November 23rd. Also, on the 21st, before their official Japanese debut, a Japanese debut showcase “STAYC Japan Debut Showcase ~ Star To A Young Culture ~” will be held at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

Source: Daum

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