Starting with the super rookie NMIXX from JYP, who else is coming up?  

With the debut of JYP Entertainment’s mega rookie girl group NMIXX, let’s take a look at new idol groups that will bring fresh winds to the music industry in February and March.

At noon on the 17th, StarWeave Entertainment’s new boy group JWiiver made its surprise debut after releasing the first mini-album “Jtrap.” JWiiver is a boy group consisting of seven members from Asian countries, including Korean members as well as Shita from Macau and Raots from China. In particular, the member Sita previously appeared on “Produce X 101”, Ryujei on “Boys24”, Roshin on “TO BE WORLD KLASS”, Gabin K on “Show Me the Money 777”, and Raots on the Chinese audition program “Next Generation Star”, drawing attention from fans.

New idol groups debut in February and March 2022

Their title song “Jtrap” is an urban hip-hop genre created in collaboration with Sean Alexander and Shark, who has worked with top idols such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee, MONSTA X, and THE BOYZ, while leader Lee Han participated in choreography production with the top Japanese choreographer Marimo Kano.

At 6 p.m. on Feb 22nd, rookie girl group NMIXX will release its debut single “AD MARE,” which means “to the sea” in Latin. NMIXX is the first seven-member girl group made by JYP Entertainment, a “girl group master” who has produced global girl groups representing each K-Pop generation, including Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, and ITZY.

New idol groups debut in February and March 2022

Their title song “O.O” looks like wide-open eyes which represents the surprise exclamation “Oh!” and contains their strong confidence to prepare to be surprised by seeing something new. Among them, NMIXX is drawing a tremendous response even though they haven’t debuted yet. In July last year, the blind package of their debut single limited class, which was sold without disclosing any information about the group, has achieved 61,667 pre-orders in just 10 days, and their Guerrilla Live surpassed 26,07 million views on YouTube in about 6 months of release. In addition, the group’s trailer video released on the 28th of last month exceeded 5 million views on YouTube within about two weeks of its release, already proving its global popularity.

On March 2nd, TEMPEST, a new 7-member boy group, will make their appearance. The name TEMPEST, launched by Yuehua Entertainment for the first time in seven years, means a group that will sweep the music industry with bright energy and powerful performances.

New idol groups debut in February and March 2022

Their debut album “It’s ME, It’s WE” is an album with infinite possibilities and potential that the seven members will show as one. The title song “Bad News” is expected to capture the hearts of global fans with TEMPEST’s confidence to conquer K-pop.

In March, the rookie girl group ILY:1 will take its first step into the music industry. ILY:1 is a six-member girl group consisting of Ara, Ririka, Hana, Rona, and new members Nayu and Elva from Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999“.

New idol groups debut in February and March 2022

Currently, the group drawing attention by revealing the behind-the-scenes story of its debut through its own reality show “ILY:0.” The members’ unique charms and stormy chemistry are captivating global fans. As a result, interest in their upcoming debut album is also rising. 

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