How stars are celebrating South Korea’s miraculous advance to the World Cup’s Round of 16

Korean celebrities such as G-Dragon, BTS RM, J-Hope, and actress Kim Hye Soo are celebrating as the South Korean national team led to a miraculous come-from-behind victory at the World Cup in Qatar.

Celebrities also cheered as the South Korean national soccer team broke expectations and won a miraculous come-from-behind victory over Portugal in the third Group H preliminary round of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup on Dec 3rd.


G-Dragon was delighted with South Korea’s advance to the round of 16 as he uploaded a photo of him watching the match with a caption saying “F***ing Happy”. Actress Kim Hye Soo also cheered by uploading photos of Son Heung Min and Hwang Hee Chan, giving the players a shining aura using the filter.

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Actress Gong Hyo Jin also cheered for the national team players who were crying, saying, “It was amazing.” Kim Ho Young enthusiastically said, “They scored a goal as soon as I started filming the video.”

Han Chae Ah said with a photo of Son Heung Min on the TV screen, “We are proud. Don’t cry.”

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Comedian Kim Young Chul shared his support, “A presence that attracts five Portuguese players wherever he goes. The chill in your decision-making skill that decided to pass the ball to Hwang Hee Chan. You’re the best! You didn’t play today, but let’s stop the defense of the team who will face us in the round of 16! #KimMinjae. The defense line was still good without Min Jae. But if Minjae plays, I think the team will do better in the round of 16. Today, I’m a Taeguk Warriors again.”

Jeon Hyun Moo also held up Hwang Hee Chan’s uniform and took a picture next to the broadcast screen where Hwang Hee Chan was playing in the game. Jeon Hyun Moo said, “With such little possibility, with no coach, but we still have the fighting spirit behind the mask, and member of the Rainbow Club Hwang Hee Chan’s theater goal. It’s a miracle in Doha where everything is perfect,” he said. Hwang Hee Chan has appeared on MBC’s “I Live Alone,” starring Jeon Hyun-moo.

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BTS’s RM posted a picture of Hwang Hee Chan roaring with the national flag on his Instagram story, saying, “It’s the best day.” BTS J-Hope also left a congratulatory message on his SNS, saying, “The round of 16! Our players did a great job,” along with a video of him dancing to the Qatar World Cup official cheering song “Dreamers” sung by Jung Kook, his group member.

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Source: Sports Chosun

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