Staff exposed the personalities of The Boyz members, “Except for Juyeon, all the members are rude”

A revelation about the personalities of The Boyz members recently drew attention.

Recently, a Twitter account, which is said to belong to a staff of the boy group The Boyz, made a post criticizing the members. 

The staff said, “I can understand why Juyeon is the most famous member of The Boyz. One of the reasons is definitely his face. He looked relatively nice since the other members were rude during their first shoot”.

The Boyz Juyeon

They explained, “Looking at Juyeon now, I think he has always been gentle and kind like that. Compared to other members, he understands the directions more quickly and never shows any expression of displeasure or tiredness”.

Netizens reacted, “I don’t know what kind of shoot it was, but I think it was The Boyz’s group schedule”, “Except for Juyeon, the rest of the members were just the same”, “I had to switch my account to private after receiving malicious comments from The Boyz’s fans”, etc.

Others commented, “I can feel the staff’s anger through the post”, “The staff swears at the whole team except for one member. I wonder how rude they are”, “This post is really written by a staff”, “The Boyz shot their season’s greetings not long ago, I wonder…”, etc.

The Boyz is an 11-member multinational boy group (Juyeon, Ju Haknyeon, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Sangyeon, Sunwoo, Q, Kevin, Jacob, Eric, New) that debuted in 2017. 

Source: wikitree

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