Squid Game’s Lee Jung Jae boasted world-class connections via photo with top model

Famous actor Lee Jung Jae, who recently starred in “Squid Game”, published a photo with Naomi Campbell.

On May 17th, actor Lee Jung Jae posted a photo of himself on this Instagram account, showing how he has been doing.  The photo shows Lee Jung Jae side by side with Naomi Campbell, taking a selfie affectionately. Lee Jung Jae’s world-class connections truly blow many people’s minds away. 

Lee Jung Jae

Previously famous in South Korea, Lee Jung Jae exploded in fame to become a global star through the Netflix original series “Squid Game”. He is also attending this years’ Cannes Film Festival with the movie “Hunt”, which is his directorial debut. Revolving around Park Pyong Ho and Kim Jeong Do – ace agents of Korea’s National Security Agency, who are on the hunt for a North Korean spy chief, only to suspect their own partners, the spy action movie “Hunt” is invited to Midnight Screening at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. 

Lee Jung Jae

In addition, Lee Jung Jae is dating businesswoman Lim Se Ryung, who is the vice-chairman of the Korean food giant Daesang Group. The couple announced their relationship back in January 2015, and has been dating publicly for 7 years. 

Source: Nate

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