“Squid Game” star Oh Young Soo charged with indecent assault 5 years after the incident, trial date is set

The trial of “Squid Game” Oh Young Soo, who was indicted on indecent assault charges, will be held in February.

According to Star News, the 6th Criminal Division of the Class District Court will hold the first trial on Oh Young Soo on February 3.

Oh Young Soo was accused of inappropriately touching the body of woman A in 2017. A filed a complaint with the police in 2021, but at that time, the police made a decision not to send it.

Afterwards, A filed an objection, and the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office has reportedly investigated her allegations again.

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Regarding this, Oh Young Soo denied the allegation, saying, “I don’t think it’s time to reveal my position on the matter. It’s the other party’s unilateral claim.”

However, the prosecution judged that there was evidence to support Oh Young Soo’s inappropriate physical contact and indicted him without detention. As a result, Oh Young Soo will stand before the court of law five years after the incident.

Due to the case, Oh Young Soo was excluded from the Jeonju performance of the play “Love Letter”. His advertisements for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism were also suspended.

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Oh Young Soo, born in 1944, is 79 years old this year. He took on the role of player No. 1, Oh Il Nam, in Netflix’s “Squid Game”, which was released in 2021. He became the first Korean to win the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor Award in 2022, drawing great attention.

Source: Wikitree

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